Since 1996, trips to the Qaraoun Dam, hydro-electrical Plants and irrigation projects on the Litani River have been organized by the Foundation. About 1500 high school and university students (engineering and agriculture) take part in this activity each year. These trips help to increase awareness among the young generation concerning Water-related and Energy issues.
The students are guided by engineers from the Litani River Authority, who provide scientific information about the dam, the plant and the Litani project in general which includes hydro-electrical plants and irrigation projects.
Attention is also drawn to environmental problems (river pollution, scarcity of water during summer, economic value of water as a green energy provider…).
These excursions give the students and their professors a chance to get acquainted with the geography of Lebanon, the importance of its water resources, and the characteristics of the most important water project ever achieved in their country, the Litani Project.
After the trip, the students are asked to present reports to the Foundation and the best reports receive an award presented during an official ceremony headed by either the Minister of Education or the Minister of Energy and Water.

Training and Workshops

As part of its capacity building activities, the Foundation organizes, on a yearly basis, training sessions and workshops for Engineering and Agriculture students in the power plants linked to the Litani Project (Markaba, Awali and Joun) and the Labaa Agricultural Pilot Project. Students spend one or two weeks on the project site and they take part in the daily activities conducted at the plants and the agricultural project. They sense in a tangible way the importance and the problems related to the Litani Project.
Power students were able to follow engineers in their daily work on the plant and observe in practice what they had learnt in theory. They often take another training period in other thermal power plants; this enables them to compare different power productions.
As for agriculture students, they get acquainted with researches conducted at the Labaa Station which includes :

  1. Trials on different fruit tree varieties to find the ones most adaptable to the region
  2. Trials on different kinds of irrigation systems
  3. Experiments conduction to find the quantities of water needed for each crop
  4. Plantation of commercial flowers for economical benefits

In February 2001, the Litani River Authority (LRA) was undergoing major changes in the control system at Ibrahim Abd El Al Hydro-electrical power plant in Markaba, leading to a complete computerization of this system.
The procedure was taking place with the technical assistance from French Spie Enerthran. The Foundation grabbed this unique opportunity and sent 9 Engineering students on a one-week training period which coincided with the trial period that followed the installation of the computers.
All expenses are covered by the Foundation. Students are asked to write reports at the end of the training period, which are submitted to the Scientific Committee for evaluation.