Structure and membership of the Foundation

The Foundation of the Friends of Ibrahim Abd El Al is composed of an Executive Committee, a Scientific Committee, and a General Assembly of around 100 active participants. Most of its members are engineers, researchers, faculty professors and students in agriculture and engineering.
The Executive Committee’s role is to direct, steer the functions of the Foundation, and implement the recommendations of the General Assembly.

The current Executive committee is:

President: MP Nasser Nasrallah, Former Member of Lebanese Parliament, former Director General of the Litani River Authority
Vice President: Antoine Salamé, Consultant Engineer
Secretary: Ramzi Arab, Agriculturist
Treasurer: Imane Abd El Al

Yassine Jaber, Member of Lebanese Parliament, Former Minister of Economy & Trade,Former Minister of Public Works& Transport

Ziad Baroud, Lawyer and Former Minister of interior.

Mohamad Kabbani, Deputy in the Lebanese Parliament and President of Parliamentary Committee for Public Works, Energy and Water

Amine Daouk, SM.DLC (Hons). Civil Engineer,President Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association

Wajdi Najem, Vice-President of the Saint Joseph University (USJ) and President of “Centre de l’eau” – Faculty of Engineering– Saint Joseph University

Nabil Kiwan, Attorney at Law, Law office

Dr. Marwan Iskandar, Economist

Michael Matta, Civil Engineer

The Scientific Committee's role is to establish links between the Foundation and the Institutions of Higher Education and Research. Its members evaluate proposals submitted to the Foundation for award of Master Thesis Assistantships and Abd El Al prizes. It evaluates the reports submitted by students from the capacity building and field trips projects. The members suggest topics for lectures, symposia and other activities to be organized by the Foundation.

Members of the current Scientific Committee are:

Honorary Members: Eng. Antoine Salameh: Vice-President, Executive Committee.

Dr. Wajdi Najem: Vice-President St Joseph University of Beirut.

Active Members

President: Dr. Fadi Geara, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, St Joseph University, (ESIB).
Secretary: Mr. Ramzi Arab, Member of the Executive Committee

Dr. Chadi Abdallah, Natural hazards, Remote Sensing, GIS.

Farid Karam, Consultant, Hydrology and Water Resources Engineer.

Ghassan Gebran, Director of Hydropower Department, Litani River Authority.

Dr. Hadi Jaafar, Irrigation Engineering and Water Management, American University of Beirut.

Hadi Kanaan, Full Professor, Coordinator of the Master Program on Renewable Energy, Faculty of Engineering, St Joseph University of Beirut,(ESIB).

Dr. Issam Abu Jawdeh, Candidate, Queen University, Canada.

Dr. Jacques Harb, Chairperson Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Notre Dame University

Kamal Slim, Professor in Hydrobiology & Sustainable Development, Lebanese University.

Dr. Maged B. Najjar, Chairman of Computer Engineering Department, University of Balamand.

Manal Moussallem, Senior Environmental Advisor, United Nations Development Programme-Ministry of Environment

Dr. Youssef Karam, Irrigation Water and Infrastructure Department Manager, Council of Development and Reconstruction, (CDR).

AFIAL’s members with the President of the Republic