Parliamentarian’s Water Forum in the Arab World and Surrounding Countries (Turkey and Iran)

Under the patronage of the President of the Lebanese National Assembly, H.E. Mr. Nabih Berry, the Foundation has organized on May 13 – May 15, 2010, in collaboration with the World Water Council, a regional forum on Water issues and promoting the concept of the Parliamentarians’ helpdesk which was an outcome of the Istanbul World Water Forum.

Parliamentarian’s Water Forum
Presentations Parliamentarian’s Water Forum


The Foundation regularly organizes lectures on topics and issues related to Water and Energy, presented by invited speakers from Lebanon and abroad. In order to disseminate the information and raise awareness, the Foundation publishes the texts of these valuable lectures in book form. These books are distributed for free to the public and to key persons operating in the Water field in Lebanon.
The topics covered by these lectures are:

Roundtable on Jordan River Basin

The Foundation of the Friends of Ibrahim Abdel Al organized in November 2009 a roundtable entitled:
“Arab Strategy for preserving Arab Water Rights on the Jordan River Basin”
Speakers from Arab Riparian countries presented papers on the historical, present and future scenarios related to this issue. The below are documents which were referred to:
Jordan River Annexes
Jordan River Text Final
Lebanon, Hasbani and the Jordan
Golan Return Is Remedy for Distributing Fairly Jordan Basin Water
Arab Strategy
Palestinian Water Rights
Jordan River Basin description Paper

Ibrahim Abd El Al: Planification and achievements

1-Ibrahim Abd El Al and development projects in Lebanon
2-Ibrahim Abd El Al and the Litani Project
3-The Litani Project: irrigation, drinking water and electricity

Assessment of the Water condition in the city of Beirut:

1-The governmental plan for meeting demands for drinking water in Beirut
2-The administrative reorganization of "Office des Eaux" of Beirut
3-The 10 year plan (2000-2009) laid by the Ministry of Energy and Water

The Israeli visions on Lebanese water:

The Speaker was MP Nasser Nasrallah, he stressed on the water situation in South Lebanon and particularly on the Litani River. He gave a historical overview on the Israeli attacks on South Lebanon since 1949 and their economical and social consequences. Finally he summarized the Israeli and the Lebanese positions on the water problem in the forthcoming peace negotiations.

Agricultural policy in Lebanon:

Public and private sectors’ needs, problems, and solutions.
The Foundation issued recommendations taking into account the point of view of specialists in the public and the private sectors and especially specialists in the agricultural field. These recommendations were submitted to the Agriculture Committee in the Lebanese Parliament along with the book in which the lectures were compiled.

Assessment of the Water condition in the four districts of Lebanon:

After the lectures on the Water condition in the capital Beirut, the Foundation invited specialists from the private and the public sectors to lecture on the Water situation in each of the four districts, covering all Lebanon. The result was a complete "state of affairs" of Water in the whole country. It met the challenges and proposed actions to be taken in order to secure food supply, to meet basic needs and to raise awareness for the various valuable issues of Water.

Application de la Télédétection en Hydrologie:

A lecture given by Christian Puech, Head of the research center of France-Cemagref.