Empowering Women to Further the Water Cause - April 2015

The Ibrahim AbdEl Al Foundation organized a workshop entitled ‘Women Empowerment for Water Conservation’. It brought together the appointed trainers, who are part of the Union of Bint-Jbeil Municipalities, South Lebanon, with the aim of raising awareness on water issues and ultimately develop initiatives to spread the reach of the topic of water resources and sustainable development across each participants’field of expertise.

The workshop brought together female environmental activists in the region and representatives for the Red Cross in the South of Lebanon.

It is part of the framework of the Foundation’songoing program to raise awareness on water issues, carried out in collaboration with the Civil Affairs Department, at UNIFIL, Lebanon.

Conference on Litani River

The Foundation showed a PowerPoint presentation to the Faculties of Engineering in various Lebanese Universities. The presentation included a physical description of the Litani, along with the pressures on it and the importance of implementing future projects on the national economy.

World Water Day

Water for cities: Responding to the Urban Challenge

Venue: 22 March 2011- UN House Main Conference Hall- Beirut, Lebanon

  1. A joint event organized by the Foundation of the Friends of Ibrahim Abd El Al, ESCWA, and BGR.
  2. Producing a TV spot ( 30 seconds), that will be diffused on the national channels and during the conference.
  3. Producing a documentary film ( 20 minutes), that will be diffused on the World Water Day on national channels, and during the conference.
  4. The Beirut event will be linked by Teleconference with the official event in Cape Town, and the Foundation will represent Lebanon on this day

In addition to that, the Foundation partnered with “Le Service de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle” of the French Embassy in Lebanon to organize an inter-disciplinary project with French schools in Lebanon concerning the issues of water and how to preserve this valuable resource. The ceremony of the distribution of prizes took place at the French Embassy on the occasion of World Water Day on the 22nd of March.

Invitation  &  Agenda

Awareness Campaigns

The Foundation has established a wide campaign of public awareness in order to draw attention to the value of Water and the problems related to it (pollution, scarcity, management, etc…)

The campaign is composed of:

1- Awareness sessions in schools at the country level.

The Foundation presents general information on water availability for man use on the planet and its unequal distribution on different regions of the world. Then attention is drawn to the existing problems on water issues in Lebanon, and the solutions expected. A brochure is distributed to students, in which the importance of the citizen’s role in protecting this wealth and saving it is underlined and practical hints are given for saving water in their everyday life. Students are urged to think of water as their right and impose the message on the value of water to people around them. Youngsters are asked as a feedback to come up with new ideas on how we can save water in our everyday life.

2- Awareness sessions in municipalities, local associations (with special emphasis on women’s associations), local communities…

The Foundation stresses on their role and responsibilities in spreading the awareness among their community.

3-Awareness campaign on the pollution of the Litani River

In partnership with the Litani River Authority, the Foundation organizes sessions for municipalities, civil society associations and schools in the Basin of the Litani River. A Powerpoint presentation, dealing with the concept of pollution in general, and the pollution of Litani River in particular is delivered to the attendees. A brochure is distributed that stresses on the role of the civil society and citizens in reducing this pollution on the river. Click here to see the Brochure

4- Documentary film

In order to increase awareness, the Foundation has produced a documentary film on Lebanon’s most important river: The Litani River.
The documentary presents a general overview of the characteristics of this river, its importance as a main resource in Lebanon, and the hydro-electrical and irrigation projects achieved and yet to be achieved on this river.

5- TV spots

The Foundation has produced 4 TV spots of 30 seconds with a message “Water is life – don’t waste it”.
With the support and recommendation of the Ministry of Information, all national channels showed the films.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4

6- Stickers

The Foundation has printed stickers with the same message of TV spots: “Water is life –don’t waste it”.
With the collaboration of the Federation of Tourism Syndicates, the Foundation distributed these stickers to the restaurants, hotels, summer resorts, and the Rafic Hariri International Airport.
Further more, the Foundation will distribute to governmental institutions, schools and private companies.

The objectives of the awareness campaign are:

To establish a global movement of citizens with interest in Water
To raise their awareness and commitment in water related issues; to educate and inculcate in the people new habits and behavior aiming at preserving Water Resources.
To foster the participation of the public in efforts to promote the conservation, protection and prudent use of one of our most precious assets: Water.

Advocacy for Water:

As part of its advocacy actions for Water Resources, the Foundation organizes field trips on the Litani River project to decision makers, diplomats and officials. Field trips to the Litani River projects were organized to the Amabassadors of Spain and Korea

The Foundation organized a field trip to the Litani project with the representative of the Kuwait Fund for Economic Development in Lebanon, Engineer Nawaf El Dabbous. The objective of the trip was to familiarize Dabbous with the existing projects on the Litani River. Moreover, the Foundation portrayed to Dabbous the future 800m project, which consists of taking 120 million M3 of water from the Quaraon lake to the south of Lebanon, for irrigation and potable water.


Ambassador of Korea and AFIAL's members in front of the LRA office in the Bekaa