About the Foundation

The Association of the Friends of Ibrahim Abd El Al (AFIAL) was founded in 1991 by the ministerial decree N°244/AD. It is a Scientific Association that seeks to honor the memory of one of the most eminent scientists in Lebanon in the Water and Energy fields, Ibrahim Abd El Al. It encourages the new generation of engineers to specialize in both fields.

The Association aims at promoting the objectives that guided Ibrahim Abd El Al throughout his professional work, namely the development of hydraulic and power projects in Lebanon as part of a planned vision at the national scale and as an Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM).It seeks to promote the spirit of unbound devotion to Lebanon and of absolute determination to achieve economical stability and to provide basic social welfare by bringing water and light to every home.

Abd El Al believed that this can only be done by establishing a National Plan for the exploitation of Lebanon's natural resources, specifically Water Resources, based on long term scientific studies using accurate data.

The Association has committed itself to set a series of activities related to the Millennium Development Goals. It stresses on awareness and advocacy for Water. In order to strengthen public understanding of Water issues and its active involvement in Water Management, it is necessary to develop the potential of the decision makers and the public through awareness raising campaigns and capacity building projects as well as organizing lectures dealing with national and regional water issues.

In 2014, the Association of the Friends of Ibrahim AbdEl Al officially became The Ibrahim AbdEl Al Foundation for Sustainable Development, further cementing efforts of the team , on a local, regional and international level. The Foundation will be emphasizing on the importance of Civil Society & grassroots organizations participation and engagement in decision making, as a crucial component of Multi Stakeholders group. The Foundation strongly believes that this is a momentum with the UN Agenda 2030 and SDGs to build a strong, universal, ambitious, inclusive and people-centered” movement. The Foundation will work to insure its political acceptability and commitment. This approach will help in the construction of a very sensitive issue in most developing countries: democratic reform and development, which will lead to sustainable development and efficient water policies.